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5 “CSR” reasons to meet paperless

Posted by Paul Neefjes on 18 May, 2016



Sustainable consumerism and business are becoming increasingly important. That is clear from, for instance, an initiative that tour operators launched in April: for every vacation they want to specify the ecological footprint of the trip. It is very sensible that they are addressing that directly already, considering the negative reports around webstores. Naturally, at-home-delivery is very handy for the consumer, but the large number of delivery-miles made have a considerable impact on the footprint of these companies…and their image.

Transparency is the increasing trend in our society, so mindful business is essential: particularly in regard to environmental consciousness. Changes can be substantial, or minor, or something in between. Take, for instance, meetings. Enormous amounts of paper are consumed with traditional “paper” meetings. There are other options. Environmentally friendly ones!

5 CSR (corporate social responsibility) reasons to meet paperless, the 3 p’s


Reason 1: Happy employees
Flexible work hours are an important fringe benefit for employees: they don’t want to sit from 9 to 5 in the office anymore. They are flexible themselves and they expect flexibility from their employer. Working at home or from another location can only be done if their organization facilitates it. With paperless meetings you provide such a tool. Since you have digital access to all of the meeting materials from anywhere, you can prepare for meetings regardless of time and place. That way you save on office space and travel costs. With a digital meeting tool you can also easily replace face-to-face meetings with online or conference meetings. Extra bonus: working from home has a positive impact on the environment by reducing traffic jams!


Reason 2: Stop deforestation
A tree of 10 meter x 30 centimeter yields approximately 8,000 A4 sheets of paper. Annually 2,9 hectares of forest are cleared to provide paper just for the Netherlands. The result: deforestation. With paperless meetings you can save a large number of trees. Curious how many? Do our tree-saving test. Together with iBabs, companies have saved more than 176,000 trees.

Reason 3: Reduce toxins
Paperless meetings also mean: fewer photocopies and thus less ink and toner. In the Netherlands alone more than 15 million ink cartridges are used per year. Consider the chemical pigments and the significant amount of waste that result when these are produced. And how about the ozone, nitrous oxides, carbon monoxide and other pollutants emitted in the printing process? The environment and employees benefit when printing is kept to a minimum.


Reason 4: Efficiency
With digital meetings you optimize your business processes, realizing a time savings of up to 70%. Participants supplement the meeting materials themselves, everyone always has the relevant information beforehand, and action and decision lists are made during the meeting itself.
In addition, the days of endless copying and sorting of meeting materials are gone forever. The result is a significant efficiency boost for the organization, and profits for the environment and employees.

Reason 5: Savings
The upshot of paperless meetings? Less paper, less photocopies, lower energy costs from printers and enhanced efficiency. That means a significant savings: benefitting the environment, staff and your organization.

Save a tree test

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