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Meetings with an iPad: nice or necessity?

Posted by Paul Neefjes on 08 June, 2016

digital-meeting-with-an iPad

Almost a third of Dutch companies with more than 50 employees make iPads available for business purposes, they are useful and convenient. As long as there is 3G or Wi-Fi available, you can work anytime, anywhere with an iPad. Did you know that you can also coordinate meetings using an iPad? It can save you a great deal of work and helps you to get the most out of the iPad.

iPad-free preparation

Still primarily holding paper meetings? If so, during the preparation phase the meeting materials are printed or dispersed by email among the participants. The result: a lot of data traffic or many copies. Do you work in multiple locations or with many external employees? Then the meeting materials also need to be sent or delivered. If you hold digital meetings, these time-consuming tasks are history. With a state-of-the-art meeting app on your tablet, you set the agenda and all of the meeting documents into a shared file. That way you always have all meeting materials at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere. With the same meeting app, you and your colleagues can also put notes into documents, so you always have insight into all of the essential information for the meeting.

During the meeting

If you still work with paper meeting materials, you know better than anyone that this isn’t very practical. Searching for materials brings chaos, noise, not everyone has the most recent version of documents, notes are lost... Efficiency zero. By working with a digital meeting tool, you always have the latest versions of materials on the iPad. That is just as intuitive as working with paper, but without all of the noise. To avoid having noise anyway, of course everyone needs to turn the sound off on the iPad. In addition, you can easily take notes in a document and during the meeting you can look up the meeting materials for the next agenda point. And if you want to look something up, the search function of the meeting app enables you to scroll easily to the correct documents.

After the meeting

After the meeting proper, the “traditional” work isn’t over. You need to process the minutes and send them by mail or email. And when that is done? Then you archive the printed materials.
This can all be done more quickly and efficiently. When you meet with an iPad you take the minutes during the meeting, and assign actions directly to participants. Then everyone can get right to work on the decisions and action points right after the meeting.

Step by step

Does it seem like a large leap to organize meetings with an iPad in your organization? You don’t need to do it in one shot: phase it in gradually. Some organizations start first with a pilot phase, during which you and your colleagues can work with an iPad and paper. You will see that after this trial period, your colleagues will switch to digital meetings and won’t want to see printed documents anymore!
That is more efficient, cheaper and better for the environment.

Already decided whether an iPad is just nice or a true necessity for meetings in your organization? If you still have questions, or just want to know more about the other benefits of paperless meetings? Then download our e-book.

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