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Paperless meetings on your Christmas list?  If Santa can do it, anyone can!

Posted by Paul Neefjes on 21 December, 2015


I was honored yesterday with a telephone call from Santa.  I was taken aback; I don’t have daily contact with St. Nick!  He was a bit stressed.  Climbing on roofs and waving from his sleigh, it is all very wearing on an elderly gentleman. He called because he was concerned about his list of presents.  It was getting longer and longer and weighs a ton. He is also concerned that it might get lost or stolen.  How did he get my number?  This is the story…

Digital Santa Claus meeting

During the preparations for Christmas, Santa Claus received a digital meeting invitation from a mayor concerning the logistics of delivering presents for children without chimneys in his city. This was nothing new. However, what Santa particularly liked was that all of the elves received the meeting notes in the same system. They are all distracted with Christmas coming soon and it was wonderful to have all of the meeting materials in one place. No searching through piles of meeting notes, something that Santa sometimes needs to do at his age.  None of the traditional lugging of piles of paper meeting notes. A few of the elves couldn’t attend the meeting but that was no problem.  They delivered their comments in advance and these were shared, visible and available to all participants.

Santa’s list on a tablet

It was during this meeting that the idea of having a digital Santa list began to simmer.  So Santa had a chat with the mayor’s office assistant concerning the digital means with which they organized the paperless meeting.  And that’s how Santa came to me. I will help him to digitalize the Santa Claus list.  So that next year Santa can coordinate all of the children’s names on his digital list, and he can enter the gift lists that he needs to discuss with the elves via the digital meeting app.

And he also never needs to worry again that his list will be lost or stolen, something that bothered him for years. And photocopying it is redundant.  He will donate all of the unnecessary versions of his list to a museum.  Santa Claus is thrilled with my help. He said himself: “you’ll see me at meetings next year with a tablet.  And if I can do it, anyone can!!”

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