The paperless office: ignore it or promote it?

Posted by Paul Neefjes on Dec 1, 2016 9:02:00 AM

We’ve got good news for lovers of the paperless office: the trend for organisations to use increasingly less paper continued undiminished last year. This was announced by the Association for Information and Image Management (AAIM) on 4 November this year on World Paperfree Day. Which department contributes most to using less paper? HR!

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3 Urban myths about paperless meetings

Posted by Paul Neefjes on Nov 17, 2016 12:00:00 AM

Have you ever considered switching to meeting digitally but then read or heard something about paperless meetings that made you change your mind? Then this blog was written for you! Over the last few years, we’ve heard a number of urban myths going the rounds about paperless meetings. Could it be that one of these stories was the reason why you still hold meetings in the old-fashioned way, with paper?

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6 apps to help survive in the office jungle

Posted by Paul Neefjes on Mar 23, 2016 9:02:00 AM

Sound familiar? You have a business appointment but your navigation doesn’t recognize the address. It happened to me yesterday but luckily Googlemaps brought me through the traffic chaos and quickly to my destination. Also handy in Dutch traffic: Flitsmeister. Say goodbye to speeding tickets! Luckily the highway isn’t the only place where apps can be a lifesaver. I use them often to navigate through the office jungle. Some of my favorite apps include:

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iBabs is a leader in paperless meetings and enables you to reduce these piles of documents to the thickness of your tablet. Hundreds of organizations have been using this system for more than 15 years.