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The 4 benefits of cloud-based meetings

Posted by Paul Neefjes on 15 June, 2016


Working in the cloud is popular. Which isn’t surprising since when you work in the cloud, you always have access to your files. There is extensive choice in cloud-based services. According to a recent article in the Dutch e-magazine Computable, in the next few months 80% of organizations will have adopted a hybrid cloud model. All of these companies will then work with a mixture of “public” and “private” cloud. The chance is thus very great that your organization currently works in the cloud, or soon will. Do you want to make optimal use of the opportunities available in the cloud? Have you ever considered cloud-based meetings?

Cloud-based meetings may seem like wishful thinking, but the deeper you dig, the more you’ll be convinced of the many benefits that they provide:

Benefit 1: The document stream is easier to manage

Do you think that your organization is already doing well saving meeting documents centrally and distributing them using email instead of printing them? Then you’ve taken a step in the right direction, but you can do much better. Meeting materials that are distributed via email take up a massive amount of data storage space. No longer a problem if you put them in the cloud! If you do this with a sophisticated digital meeting tool, then all of the meeting data is available, managed, and can be shared by everyone in the same way. And if one of the participants has a comment on a piece, they can put it directly into the meeting document, after which it is available to all participants. In addition, external parties can also be easily involved in the same way as your colleagues.

Benefit 2: Your documents are available 24/7

Is “New Working” common practice in your organization? If so, then your colleagues will want the flexibility of being able to prepare for the meeting at any time and with any Wi-Fi connection. With paper meeting materials, that is a lot more difficult. The papers are at the office and for some reason your colleague wants to work on them from home or by a client? Then the colleague is greatly inconvenienced. By having cloud-based meetings, you avoid this type of situation. Your colleagues can have access to the meeting materials via tablet or laptop. Wherever and whenever.

Benefit 3: Constant access to the latest version of materials

Nothing is so irritating as when your colleagues are working with outdated and inaccurate materials during the meeting. If you have cloud-based meetings, such situations are history. Everyone has the most up-to-date version of the meeting materials right in front of them. Looking through piles of meeting documents is also history. If you need to find something, you can easily do that with the convenient search function that is integral in a quality meeting tool.

Benefit 4: Safer meetings

Do paperless meetings appeal, but are alarm bells going off about safety? Logical, since the confidentiality of agenda materials is top priority. Shudder the thought that your meeting materials would become public, internally or externally. If you meet digitally in the cloud, you have no concerns about safety. The materials are only accessible to authorized participants. No more worries that paper documents could get left behind in a hotel or taxi. And, should a device crash? No panic, no documents will be lost.


Just as with other systems, the staff is also responsible for the necessary security. With a security policy, everyone knows the standard requirements. Using such a policy, you prevent easily deciphered passwords. If you want additional security, then you can also specify that certain attachments are locked by encryption. In addition, an increasing number of cloud services offer additional security on top of password security. That extra layer of security is often a code that is necessary to login from a new device. The code is, depending on the service, sent via sms or e-mail.

Other benefits

In one of our next blogs we will visit other safety issues that are important to meetings. In the meantime, would you like to read more about the benefits of digital meetings? Then download our e-book. 

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