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9 tools to help you become a more effective board member

Posted by Paul Neefjes on 06 November, 2018

Unlock your true productivity with these 9 tools

“Until we can manage time, we can manage nothing else.” ~ Peter Drucker

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A board secretary’s guide to increasing non-executive directors’ performance

Posted by Paul Neefjes on 14 August, 2018

Have you ever been in a board meeting and thought that at least one other person in the room shouldn’t be there?

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How NHS boards can make their operations more effective

Posted by Paul Neefjes on 02 May, 2018

Ask yourself: “How do you make sure your organisation is running effectively?

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The dangers of email every NHS board member should know about

Posted by Paul Neefjes on 19 April, 2018

A lot of internal communication across board members within NHS organisations happens through email. A medium that has been around for decades. Everyone knows how it works and safety is guaranteed, right? But is email as secure as we think it is? In this article you will learn what the possible dangers of email are and how to protect your board from these threats.

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iBabs is a leader in paperless meetings and enables you to reduce these piles of documents to the thickness of your tablet. Hundreds of organizations have been using this system for more than 15 years.