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5 “CSR” reasons to meet paperless

Posted by Paul Neefjes on 18 May, 2016


Sustainable consumerism and business are becoming increasingly important. That is clear from, for instance, an initiative that tour operators launched in April: for every vacation they want to specify the ecological footprint of the trip. It is very sensible that they are addressing that directly already, considering the negative reports around webstores. Naturally, at-home-delivery is very handy for the consumer, but the large number of delivery-miles made have a considerable impact on the footprint of these companies…and their image.

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Paperless office: changes that allow trees to blossom

Posted by Paul Neefjes on 15 March, 2016

Dutch businesses make an average of 74,7 million copies per day. Do you have any idea how many trees that is? An astonishing 9500! 8000 A4s can be gained from an average tree (10 meter long, 30 centimeter wide). Per year, worldwide almost 8,8 million hectors of natural forest disappear due to the production of paper, wood, soy and palm oil. Luckily some organizations are dedicated to the protection of forests. One initiative here in the Netherlands is the National Festival of Trees, or Dutch Arbor Day (Nationale Boomfeestdag), that will take place for the 60th time on March 16th.

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How ICT can make your enterprise more sustainable and green

Posted by Paul Neefjes on 23 October, 2015

saving your company energy, time and money

As a sustainability manager, you are aware that the energy consumption related to ICT is increasing substantially. And the outlook is that until 2030 the demand for ICT-capacity will escalate dramatically. So it is essential that sustainability managers familiarize themselves with ways to transform the ICT-process enterprises into ‘greener’ and/or more energy-efficient practices. Should sustainability not yet be recognised as a key issue within your company, it might help to focus on the financial benefits. That will probably help you to raise attention for greener practices.  Naturally, every company wants to save money!

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Topics: Sustainability

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